• #1 WordPress Plugins

Please Note: Different plugins are more appropriate for different websites. These are ordered as my personal favourite.



If there is one single tool I would tell people to buy for WordPress, it would be Elementor Page Builder. I have used WordPress for over 10 years and I have not come across anything like it. Sure, there are other page builders but this is the first one that I felt like I had full control over my designs and expression combined with a huge amount of functionality.

This single tool has made me more revenue than any other by saving me massive amounts of time creating websites for myself and clients. Elementor is a must-have in my opinion for beginners or advanced users.

  • Pixel perfect designs for WordPress
  • Create any website you can imagine
  • Customize every part of your website
  • Create killer popups
  • Responsive design made simple
  • WooCommerce Builder included
  • Too many features to list...