Please Note: Different plugins are more appropriate for different websites. These are ordered as my personal favourite.



If there is one single tool I would tell people to buy for WordPress, it would be Elementor Page Builder. I have used WordPress for over 10 years and I have not come across anything like it. Sure, there are other page builders but this is the first one that I felt like I had full control over my designs and expression combined with a huge amount of functionality.

This single tool has made me more revenue than any other by saving me massive amounts of time creating websites for myself and clients. Elementor is a must-have in my opinion for beginners or advanced users.

Happy Addons


I don’t normally get excited about addons/widgets for Elementor but out of all the products out there, this is my favourite. HappyAddons offers some beautiful looking widgets for free and pro version with some great functionality.

The free version offers widgets that feel like pro widgets, I am surprised they offer some of these without charging anything. Looking to supercharge your website? The pro addons will take you to a whole new level. Offering beautiful preset designs that are easily editable. HappyAddons is fantastic and everyone should check them out!