Welcome to WP Levels!

Hi! My name is Chris.

I create free tutorials on YouTube for the WordPress.org content management system. I believe that education & learning should be free and accessible to every person no matter who you are or where you are located in the world.

Majority of the content I create can be found on the WP Levels YouTube channel. This website can be used as a guide to help in your journey of learning web development with the WordPress CMS.

Are you new to WordPress? Start here.

Here is a fairly quick and precise WordPress beginner tutorial made in 2020 for anyone looking to get a quick understanding of the basics.

You will learn about the WordPress admin and how posts, pages, comments, themes, plugins, and users all work together to create great websites.

We also take a quick look at the Elementor page builder, but that is not a main focus.

Where do I go from here?

In the sidebar menu on this website you will find a breakdown of major topics related to WordPress. I would recommend learning as much as you can about the basics, themes, plugins, and then page builders.

Page builders can save you a ton of time, however, I feel like it is very important that you understand how everything works together before learning to use them.

If you do not want to browse this website, you can always check out the videos on the WP Levels YouTube channel directly.

Now, go install Local “Lightning”, get WordPress up and running, try a bunch of tutorials and don’t be afraid to break things. That is the best way to learn!

Where do I find help & support for WordPress?

The following is an incomplete list of popular places to find help with the free WordPress CMS:

* If you are using the WordPress.com hosting service and not the free WordPress CMS installed on your own web host, you will want to contact their support for help. You pay for it!

How does WP Levels make money?

I generate revenue in three main ways. YouTube advertisements, affiliate programs, and donations through Patreon.

I will never make anyone pay to access any of the content that I create for WordPress. Just because someone offers a paid course, does not mean it is more valuable or better quality than free tutorials. My goal is to create high quality content that every one can take advantage of and learn from.

When you see an advertisement on a WP Levels video, it goes toward supporting the channel which allows me to grow it and spend more time creating new content for every one.

Sometimes, I will also offer coupon codes to services such as web hosting, themes, plugins or a link in my videos or the description of the video. By purchasing other products through these links, I may receive a commission that will also support the channel.

How did you build the WP Levels website?

This website was created from scratch using the Elementor Pro page builder. The theme is “Hello Elementor” which really does not matter much since I created the design and layout completely with Elementor.

My page headings use the “Alegreya Sans” font. I used various font weights from 400 to 900. The font sizes range from 1.5em to 3em.

The design and layout is minimal and lacking colour for simplicity to help focus on the content. This was done on purpose.