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The following are a few popular video tutorials created by Chris on the WP Levels YouTube Channel

Hi, I’m Chris Brewer. I am the person in 100% of the WP Levels video tutorials & courses.

I have been building websites for about 20 years. In the early days things were pretty sloppy with bad graphics and weird HTML table layouts. Web development has come a long ways! I worked full time for a couple places building websites until I eventually started my own business. I love being deep into the code, so I taught myself PHP & MySQL in 2008 and begun working with WordPress. 

The business did well and I eventually sold it. I spent the years after that doing freelance work, but something was missing…

I realized that I love helping people and teaching. Although I am very introverted and quiet in person, I really love creating video tutorials & courses for people. You probably won’t see my face very often in a video, just showing this picture here bothers me! 🙂

I have been with the same beautiful woman since 2004 and we have two hilarious and fun kids. A 13 year old teenager and a 9 year old girl. They give me the energy to do all this.

I miss having hair.

If you need help with WordPress, please join the WP Level FaceBook Group to ask your questions.

FaceBook Group

WP Levels has it’s very own FaceBook Group. If you are new to WordPress and need help or maybe you want to pass on your knowledge and help others? This is the place to be. This is a friendly community to find the help you need, meet new people, and make your learning experience fun. I will also share discounts and coupons and other goodies in the group.

YouTube Comments

One of the best ways to get in touch with me for help with WordPress is in the comments section of my videos on WP Levels. If you watched a video and need something clarified, please post it in the comments for that video. I will be notified and will answer ASAP. If you need help often or have more than one questions, please come join the WP Levels FaceBook Group.

Business Inquiry Email

Do you own a product you would like me to create a video review or tutorial on? If you have any business inquires at all, please email me directly. If you need help with WordPress, please post your questions in the FaceBook group or in the YouTube comments section. Please note: All product reviews will be based solely on my opinion and will not be swayed by money.